Melina receives rave reviews from audiences of all sizes and industries. Her fun, conversational approach is bringing behavioral economics out of academia and into application.

Melina Palmer is founder and CEO of The Brainy Business, which provides behavioral economics consulting to businesses of all sizes from around the world. Her podcast, The Brainy Business, has downloads in over 170 countries. Melina is an instructor of applied behavioral economics through the Human Behavior Laboratory at Texas A&M University, has contributed research to the Association for Consumer Research, and writes the Behavioral Economics & Business column for

Her first book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You, was a finalist for two categories of the International Book Awards. The second in the series, What Your Employees Need and Can’t Tell You: Adapting to Change with the Science of Behavioral Economics, comes out in October 2022.

Why Behavioral Economics?

The average person makes 35,000 decisions every day (most of which are on a subconscious level). Is your communication — to customers, employees, teams — working with the rules of the subconscious brain?  Melina’s approachable style unlocks the secrets of the brain to help groups of any size and industry to become more brain friendly.

Bloomberg listed “behavioral scientist” as the top job of this decade for a reason – it is a field combining the best of economics, psychology and neuroscience to understand behavior. What could your team accomplish if you knew how the brain made decisions? Let’s find out.


What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You

“Our job would be so easy if it wasn’t for the customers.” Have you ever heard someone say that (or said it yourself)? The bulk of human decisions are made subconsciously (using rules of thumb that become very predictable when you know the rules). Because of this, behavioral economics is being implemented in companies around the world to better communicate with and attract customers.

This fun and engaging presentation, based on Melina’s award-winning book, What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You, will explain what behavioral economics is, how brain science is being incorporated into everything from hospitals to household products, and how attendees can start applying their learnings in their work immediately using Melina’s “behavioral baking” approach. Bulk book discounts available.

Common Run Time:  30 – 90 Minutes


While there are different personality types, all our brains have a common thread that has been developing for millions of years. The human brain can only work when it uses hundreds of biases and rules of thumb each day. While we cannot completely eliminate bias in the workplace, understanding those key biases – which to try to reduce and which to work with to be more effective – your business can have happier employees and change initiatives that are embraced around the organization. Melina uses the key items from her Internal Communication and Change Management course at Texas A&M University (and now the foundation for her second book, What Your Employees Need and Can’t Tell You, coming out in October 2022!) to help everyone in business understand the brain to have better conversations and experiences at work. Bulk book discounts available, shipping October 2022.

Common Run Time:  30 – 90 Minutes

Forget Brainstorming, Try Questionstorming

When you’ve got a problem at work, how do you go about solving it? Thanks to our school structure, almost all of us have been taught that “brainstorming” is the best course of action. Unfortunately, even though it has the word “brain” in it…this method goes against the brain’s natural tendencies. In this session, Melina will show your team or group why questions are better and how to use them to ensure you work on the right projects and problems moving forward to be more effective and efficient. 

Common Run Time:  90 Mins – 4 Hours

The Truth About Pricing
(It’s Not About The Cookie)

How to price products is something every business (regardless of size or industry) struggles with.  Countless hours have been wasted agonizing over the perfect price, but there is something no one has told you. There is an unwritten truth about pricing – a secret Melina will uncover in this session using her proprietary “it’s not about the cookie” method. In this session you will learn: (1) how the brain makes decisions about pricing, (2) why the order things are presented in matters much more than the items themselves – or the price and, (3) specific tips for commanding premium prices for any product. This fun and engaging session provides actionable, concrete tips and mind-blowing revelations about behavioral economics and the human brain that will change your business (for the better) forever.

Common Run Time:  30 – 90 Minutes

Top 5 Wording Mistakes Businesses Make

Did you know the subconscious brain makes 95% of buying decisions? That means the vast majority of choices (including whether your customer chooses to buy from you) are made using rules of thumb that aren’t always logical. In this presentation, Melina will introduce five types of mistakes all businesses make in their wording and tips for how to stop being too vague, too literal, too boring, too confusing, and too much. Learn from their mistakes so you can create more leads – and paying customers!

Common Run Time:  30 – 90 Minutes


Why do people buy products? What drives their behavior? Whether we like it or not, we humans buy almost everything (95%) with our subconscious brain. The subconscious makes snap decisions constantly, many of which have been developing for millions of years as a species. That means they can be easily predicted and built into product and pricing programs. Product presentation matters. The way you price matters. In this presentation, Melina will explain how to build, price, and present products to people will be driven to buy them again and again.

Common Run Time:  30 – 90 Minutes

Neuromarketing: Working With The Brain to Create a Better Brand

Using behavioral science, we can now know with up to 84% accuracy if someone will buy—without ever having to ask the question. And often a small tweak can make all the difference (in one example, changing a single word in an ad resulted in a 38% increase in sales!) 

How? By understanding the brain and using those lessons to your advantage. Make your brand more “brain friendly” (and thus, more effective) when you know how habitual behavior, emotions, and the five senses are impacting your brand daily. And don’t worry, this presentation is in everyday language with simple examples and tips everyone can apply immediately.

Common Run Time:  30 – 90 Minutes

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